Conveyer belt with granola bars.

Bar Manufacturing

We produce a full range of nutrition bars for many of the nation’s leading brands. Each product is manufactured to our customers’ exacting standards using their proprietary ingredients, product formulations and processing instructions to create bars that look and taste great. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service while being strict guardians of our customer’s privacy and proprietary information.

Example of a granola bar

Granola Bars

Example of Fruit, Nut & Seed Bar

Fruit, Nut & Seed Bars

Example of a cereal bar

Cereal Bars

Example of a layered bar

Layered Bars

Example of Bars Deposited with Nuts or Chips

Bars Deposited with Nuts or Chips

Example of a fully enrobed bar

Fully Enrobed Bars

Example of an unenrobed bar

Unenrobed Bars

Example of a drizzled bar

Drizzled Bars

Variety of nutrition bars manufactured here.

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